With the fall comes the cool weather, the dry air, the harvest and school for the youngsters! And heading back to school can mean changes in the activity levels of your children, which could translate into discomfort or injury. 

Many people buy their children new shoes during this time of stocking up on school uniforms and supplies. An important and often overlooked issue is buying the correct size shoe! 

The shoes should be sized for the larger of the child’s feet and should be comfortable. Although sometimes children may want to wear a size shoe that is too large, you should buy the correct size. A shoe that is too large can cause the foot to move too much in the shoe and result in blisters and over-pronation. 

Teaching and emphasizing the importance of proper shoe tying can help prevent falls and extend the life of the laces. 

Here’s a video of a neat trick that may help your children learn to tie their shoes even more quickly! 


Wearing proper shoe gear (not sandals or flip-flops!) when playing outside can also help prevent injuries like scrapes, cuts and burns to growing feet. 

Another issue to consider is the rigorous conditioning and training that some students undergo when the school season starts back up. A significant increase in activity levels and large fluctuations in body weight can predispose to injuries of the foot and ankle. 

Sprains, strains and falls should be taken seriously and you should always include your Podiatrist in helping keep your athletes healthy! 

One last note, with all these sports and gym classes the showers at the schools will definitely be seeing a influx of students..and with them FUNGUS! 

Protect your children’s feet by sending shower shoes to school with them if possible. 

Also, consider washing/disinfecting their shoes every few weeks! These small actions can help keep their nails fungus free and growing in a healthy way.